Vonsila’s Zorn Von Bane

Male German Shepherd Bane

german shepherd male dog banegerman shepherd male dog bane

Bane is from my Enya x Max breeding, and simply a “mini Max”. He is a regal dark black sable male that wants nothing more than to please his owner. Bane has…like his father “Max” a great “on/off” switch as evident in the many pictures with children and even chickens reflecting his sweet personality.

Bane is the personal canine of my friend and colleague who happens to be a NYS Trooper. Although not a search and rescue dog, Bane was trained to search by his owner. Recently, his skill set came into action when a vagrant was living behind a local fire department. Bane’s owner was given permission to search the area…and with no surprise… led them over ¼ mile, of rough terrain to include, thick brush, grass and concrete surfaces…. to successfully find the suspect! Now that’s a great nose AND dog!


Genetic Testing In Progress – TBA

German Shepherd Bane Galley