Vonsali Kennels Famale Dog Nikki

Pennhip # : 901671  EXCELLENT
90% (his hips are tighter than 90% of GSD)
Rating: Left Hip- .30 (No Radiographic evidence of DJD)
Rating: Right Hip – .14 (No Radiographic evidence of DJD)

Degenerative Myeopathy Results
Clear by Parentage

AKC Pedigree
Nikki’s parents are Enya and Max Pedigree

Nikki was my pick DDR/Czech, black female from Max/Enya litter. Her characteristics match closely to her mother’s. She is extremely smart, loyal, and willing to work all day. Nikki gets along with all but loves to be with her favorite human, Courtney who spoils her to death. Nikki’s PennHip rating came back with spectacular results… really.. the PennHip group needed another consult as her hips were rated “extraordinary”… currently looking for a suitable stud for a breeding.

Nikki at 15 weeks 39lbs Vonsila Kennels