Mitch Stahl – Syracuse Area
Professional Canine Behavioral Consultant
(315) 481-2263

Mitch has been professionally training canines for over 20 + years. His success stems from his ability to help clients to 1) better understand the “wolf pack” mentality; and 2) help clients to develop their own “leader of the pack” role.

Mitch provides in home services. I personally have trained under Mitch and as a result, have referred him to several friends and puppy clients over the years. As Mitch puts it … “Most of the behavioral problems I deal with, there is nothing inherently wrong with the dog, it’s more of a relationship problem with their humans,”


SerendipityK9, LLC is a progressive training program that evaluates canine strengths and weaknesses to build a solid obedience foundation for each dog. As a protégé of Mitch Stahl, Naorin has gleaned key components from Mitch to build successful innovative training sessions that evaluate canine dispositions and temperaments as well as client training AND support! This combination makes for a “winning team”.

Training Session Options: Group, In-Home, and check it out… “ZOOM” training for those active multi-tasking homes that are strapped for travel time, or clients that want to address behavior issues on the spot. Once milestones are met, “Pack Walks” in real-world environments are offered to allow clients to validate training. This is a perfect opportunity to review and/or refine leash manners, socialization, or focus work.

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