VonSila’s Khalua Cream of Fyrestorm (Hazel)

Hazel is a drop dead gorgeous “Liver” short coat German Shepherd and the beginning of
my colors at VonSila Kennels.

Hazel is a sweet, medium drive girl that can hold her own. She is determined, to lead the way and fearless to protect you at all cost. She is a pleasure to train as her drive to please is outstanding. I call her my “3 S’s” Smart, Svelte and Sweet as the day is long!

Hazel is a rich Liver or what others call “Chocolate” color that carries the Blue AND Liver gene. She can produce Blue, Liver and Isabella puppies when paired with the right stud. Pups from Hazel will be show stoppers with attitude.

My journey into this new venue spans over ten years. It wasn’t something I was going to jump into as with colors comes the risk of producing puppies exhibiting Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) which is an inherited skin condition that produces hair loss or patchy bald spots.

Due to the aforementioned, I not only researched, but with good fortune and opportunity have been educated by the best breeders of colors both nationally AND internationally. It was extremely important for me to ensure my new lines have not expressed this gene in past generations. Diligent research of pedigrees and breeder feedback is the only way to track and stop the passing of this rare autoimmune disease onto future generations.

If your interested in off colored German Shepherds, please research this disease and potential breeders of these beautiful canines. When bred correctly, they are MAGNIFICENT!

Hazel Galley