Hazel x Calix
*Transcervical Insemination March 27, 2023
Expected Whelp – May 26, 2023
Expect: Solid Black, Black and Tan, Bi-Color, and Sables. All short coat.


Hazel is a drop dead gorgeous “Liver” short coat German Shepherd and the beginning of
my colors at VonSila Kennels.

Hazel is a sweet, medium drive girl that can hold her own. She is determined, to lead the way and fearless to protect you at all cost. She is a pleasure to train as her drive to please is outstanding. I call her my “3 S’s” Smart, Svelte and Sweet as the day is long!

Hazel is a rich Liver or what others call “Chocolate” color that carries the Blue AND Liver gene. She can produce Blue, Liver and Isabella puppies when paired with the right stud. Pups from Hazel will be show stoppers with attitude.


Calix Male GS
Calix is one of the most handsome Shepherds out there. He is the perfect mix of his parents- he loves to learn! Whether he’s out in the world on walks or at a park, at a soccer game or running in the yard with his human sisters, Calix is curious, intent, and very focused. Nothing gets by him, which makes him the perfect family protector. He is attuned to the smallest of noises, but he knows that if his family isn’t worried, he doesn’t need to worry.

Yet as driven to learn and please as he is, he is also one of the most laid back and loving souls housed in a very sturdy, large frame. When it’s time to relax, he has no problems settling into any part of the house, as long as he can see his people – or resting his head or any other part of his body on them if they will allow him to do so.

Calix will pass on his ability to win the hearts of anyone he meets (people or other animals) as long as he feels that HIS people are comfortable in the situation. He communicates in the most obvious of ways, whether through his eyes, his voice, or his body language, which always entertain and offer reassurance. He truly is the perfect balance of the working and non-working lines of his parents, providing brains, beauty, and a sweet, loving, and entertaining personality.

Pick Order

  • 1st pick – VonSila Kennels, LLC
  • 2nd pick – Melissa M.
  • 3rd pick – Carrie F.
  • 4th pick – Georgina C.
  • 5th pick – Julie L.
  • 6th pick – Open
  • 7th pick – Open
  • 8th pick – Open

LT /JAXson
*Transcervical Insemination – April/May
Expected Whelp -June/July
Expect: Solid Black, Black and Tan, Bi-Color, and Sables. Both Short and Long Coats.


Female LT
LT is a large cream and black traditional German
shepherd. This girl came from my beloved Cersei, who passed away from gangrenous mastitis when LT’s litter was three weeks old. *All puppies survived and turned out spectacular in color, personality and size. LT has great bone and a massive head. Training is a no brainer with her as she is willing to learn and please. LT is so like her mother, sweet, loving and laid back as well as soft and supportive when she needs to be. LT is an “up your fanny” kind of dog and quiet as a mouse… several mishaps have occurred due to this. If this trait is passed on…I would say…be careful as you turn around as the last thing you’ll see as you’re going down… is that sweet face waiting to lick you to pieces.

Puppies from LT are great for any environment. This is a wonderful dog with all the great characteristics of GSD.


Secret Blue Dream of VonSila Kennels

JAXson is a new up-and-coming stud for our kennel. He is an outstanding combination of our Vonsila’s Khalua Cream of Fryestorm (Hazel) and Wolfzone Master of Devon (Finn).

JAXson is extremely smart, loyal, and fierce and yet, at the same time gentle and kind making him an excellent candidate for therapy lines. He is eager to learn and wants nothing more than to be a constant companion always by your side. He is the canine you would want next to you for comfort and security as you walk out and about as his sense of protection is off the chart. He is non-dog, people, or cat reactive making his analytical skills even sharper.

JAXson is a lean, very large, straight top line Shepherd with a big square, blocky head, and muzzle. Along with the aforementioned characteristics, he will bring size, color (No CDA lines) and great health and genetics to our program as he is a blue short coat that carries liver and long coat.

Bottom line…JAXson is an extremely smart, loyal, gentle, lean, and mean force you will never forget.

We are excited to see him fill out and produce spectacular pups along the way.
Pick Order

  • 1st pick – Valerie L.
  • 2nd pick – Eleanor S.
  • 3rd pick – Susan K.
  • 4th pick – Madison F.
  • 5th pick – Ilena C.
  • 6th pick – Gordi C.
  • 7th pick – Open
  • 8th pick – Open

Yana /Blaze
*Approximate Breeding Timeline: Late Fall (Oct/Nov 2023) or Early Winter (Dec 2023) Breeding
Can produce: blue, blue sable, silver sables, sables, white. Both short and long coats. Very laid back, Velcro, stocky, protective pups. Great for any family environment


Yana is a service dog in her guardian home and currently being trained as a therapy canine. She excels in understanding her owners needs. She is mushy soft, intelligent and very laid back, making her the perfect canine.


Scarlets Blaze

Blaze is a gorgeous white (with champagne tips) long coat German shepherd that has a temperament to die for. He is a laid back, velcro, loving pup that exhibits all the natural characteristics you want in in a German shepherd. He is kind, alert and protective of his people. Blaze has a natural instinct of knowing when his Jimmy needs extra support. If you are looking for a support pup, this line has it all. Blaze, like my MAX is that “one in a million” pup and my champion of humble and kind.

Pick Order

  • 1st pick – VonSila K/KL
  • 2nd pick – Ann F.
  • 3rd pick – Liza C.
  • 4th pick – Shannon R.
  • 5th pick – Kayla H
  • 6th pick – Open
  • 7th pick – Open
  • 8th pick – Open

ECHO /Wilson
*Approximate Breeding Timeline: Late Winter, (Nov/Dec 2023) Early Spring (Jan/Feb, 2024)
Can produce: blue sable, blues, black and tan, sables, black sables, solid black. Short and long coats. This litter is the best of both worlds… athletic with a great laid back “off switch”.


ECHO is simply gorgeous with a personality to match. Sassy, smart as a whip, and food motivated making training easy. She is protective, smart and also laid back. A perfect pup for any home!



Wilson resides in a guardian home that operates a daycare center. He is known as the center’s “greeter and protector” of all the children. No one bothers the children when Wilson is watching. He not only is a beautiful Isabella color, but he also has a beautiful personality.

Pick Order

  • 1st pick – VonSila K/KL
  • 2nd pick – Mike S.
  • 3rd pick – Open
  • 4th pick – Open
  • 5th pick – Open
  • 6th pick – Open
  • 7th pick – Open
  • 8th pick – Open