Joseph Caputo and the NY Task Force 1 FEMA training 2006Joseph Caputo and the NY Task Force 1 FEMA training 2006, in

This is a tribute to my very dear friend Joseph A. Caputo. Joe was with the New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit’s Canine Team and the New York City’s Urban Search and Rescue’s Canine Team (NY-TF1). Here is a picture of one of the teams. This is a picture of the NY-TF1k9 training session held in Maryland.

Joe was the lead canine trainer and one of four dog handlers working as first responders at ground zero of the collapsed World Trade Center. He stayed until they officially closed that location.

He was also the trainer I suggested to my clients who lived in the NYC area that wanted high end training for their canine.

Unfortunately, my friend passed away June 26, 2014. Thank you Joe for all your sacrifices to make this country a safer place…