Calix Male GS

Calix is one of the most handsome Shepherds out there. He is the perfect mix of his parents- he loves to learn! Whether he’s out in the world on walks or at a park, at a soccer game or running in the yard with his human sisters, Calix is curious, intent, and very focused. Nothing gets by him, which makes him the perfect family protector. He is attuned to the smallest of noises, but he knows that if his family isn’t worried, he doesn’t need to worry.

Yet as driven to learn and please as he is, he is also one of the most laid back and loving souls housed in a very sturdy, large frame. When it’s time to relax, he has no problems settling into any part of the house, as long as he can see his people - or resting his head or any other part of his body on them if they will allow him to do so.

Calix will pass on his ability to win the hearts of anyone he meets (people or other animals) as long as he feels that HIS people are comfortable in the situation. He communicates in the most obvious of ways, whether through his eyes, his voice, or his body language, which always entertain and offer reassurance. He truly is the perfect balance of the working and non-working lines of his parents, providing brains, beauty, and a sweet, loving, and entertaining personality.

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