VonSila’s Lord Jorah
Aka/ Jorah

Jorch Male

Lord Jorah of VonSila KennelsLord Jorah of VonSila Kennels



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OFA Elbow Report

Jorah is my non-working, extremely large “couch potato”. He thinks he is a small dog, without any regard to his LARGE body. You will find him sitting in your lap, or laying across you on the couch. He is a sable saddle, with a straight back and big blocky head. He is sweet at the day is long, but don’t kid yourself, he is my second dog in the pack (as Aprilia is the first dog) to notify me that something is amiss.

His personality is calm and laid back…he truly exudes a “chillin out” perspective. He love kids, other dogs and being as close to you as he can, which mean, he has to touch some part of your body, i.e., feet, leg, hands. He just wants you to know ….he is there and keeping watch over you.

Jorah bred to anyone in our kennel will not only pass along his calm, sweet, laid back temperament, but also his size and beauty… he is my dream German Shepherd!

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