At VonSila Kennels, LLC, we are dedicated to breeding only the finest German shepherd puppies, located near Syracuse, NY. Our small operation allows us a unique advantage over larger kennels in that all our puppies co-exist with us in our own home. This means that instead of being born outside in barns or sheds, our puppies are born and raised with us in the home to allow them individual attention, excellent socialization, and high adaptability.

This is important to us because of our own experiences with our puppy Katie and neuro-stimulation. We found by starting Katie’s neuro-stimulation at birth made her grow to be very adaptable to different situations. In our own home bustling with small children, her high energy and adaptability made things easy for us as we (Katie included) ran around to Cub Scouts, dance lessons, and various other extra-curricular activities. This method stems from my search and rescue (SAR) training experience, the more exposure to stressful, challenging training environments, the better adaptability of the dog. It was so successful with Katie, I decided to fold this process into my breeding program so these pups too can adapt to the daily activities of a busy family…** an unexpected surprise from this was it also made for a “velcro” puppy!

We also are German shepherd breeders who strive to pair puppy buyers with a healthy German shepherd that will match what they are looking for. We don’t want to see young dogs ending up in shelters and we realize how both the family and the puppy can be affected by a mismatch.

This is why we make the distinction between two types of shepherds: family companions and working line dogs. Our family companions reflect a larger, old fashion, straight back pup that exhibits a calmer, more laid back personality and offers friendly and protective companionship. Working line German shepherd puppies can have the straight back, blocky head but generally will be more energetic and display a higher rank and drive. However, these dogs, if bred properly, will also have an excellent “Off and On” switch. “On” is for working, “Off” is for laid back and relaxing. These types of German shepherds can make suitable companions for higher energy families, or those with whom the dogs will participate in various canine programs and competitions such as Search and Rescue (SAR), French Ring, Schutzhund, and Agility.

Buyers must understand the difference to successfully select their pup. A great breeder can help you with that decision.

*** As of 2021, VonSila Kennels, LLC will no longer provide 100% working line pups. Moving forward, linage will reflect 100% non-working, and minimal % of working lines.