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Female LT



OFA Elbow Report

LT is a large cream and black traditional German shepherd. This girl came from my beloved Cersei, who passed away from gangrenous mastitis when LT’s litter was three weeks old. *All puppies survived and turned out spectacular in color, personality and size. LT has great bone and a massive head. Training is a no brainer with her as she is willing to learn and please. LT is so like her mother, sweet, loving and laid back as well as soft and supportive when she needs to be. LT is an “up your fanny” kind of dog and quiet as a mouse… several mishaps have occurred due to this. If this trait is passed on…I would say…be careful as you turn around as the last thing you’ll see as you’re going down… is that sweet face waiting to lick you to pieces.

Puppies from LT are great for any environment. This is a wonderful dog with all the great characteristics of GSD.

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