VonSila’s AVA

(aka: Windy Acres Wooley Bear)


 AKC # : DN21419702

Date of Birth: April 29, 2008

OFA Hip Results

AKC pedigree

Ava Gallery

Ava is a large, black and tan, long coat German shepherd. She is what I consider to be the “old fashion” farm dog and the type of German shepherd I grew up with in Iowa. Her physical characteristics convey a solid, stocky, large bone pup. Ava’s temperament is calm, loyal and very protective. Her personality in a nutshell…”smart with a bit of “sassy-ness”!

** Although Ava was OFA Good, we could not get a breeding from her. She was spayed and placed in a loving home where she is “queen” of the household and loved to death!