Canine Trainers I Recommend For You & Your Puppy

Mitch Stahl – Syracuse Area
Professional Canine Behavioral Consultant
(315) 481-2263

Mitch has been professionally training canines for over 20 + years. His success stems from his ability to help clients to 1) better understand the “wolf pack” mentality; and 2) help clients to develop their own “leader of the pack” role.

Mitch provides both in home services or training session at the CNYSPCA. I personally have trained under Mitch and as a result, have referred him to several friends and puppy clients over the years. As Mitch puts it … “Most of the behavioral problems I deal with, there is nothing inherently wrong with the dog, it’s more of a relationship problem with their humans,”

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Matt Goschke – Fingerlakes Area
Professional Canine Trainer
(585) 259-0999

Matt was my recent find. A true “diamond”. Matt provides in-home services around the central New York area. He was referred to me by one of my puppy clients “RT”, a patrol officer here in the Town of Brighten, New York who is training his black sable boy “Bane” in SAR.

** Check Matt out on Face Book: Modern K-9, Realistic In-Home Training Service