Honor German Shepherd Female Vonsila Kennels

Honor German Shepherd Female


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Honor is a VonSila Kennels breeding out of Max and Enya, my foundation breeding pair. She reflects the best of both parents. A stunning girl with her father’s broad head and loyalty to you and her mother’s tenacity and protection skills. Honor is trained in SAR and protection work. She attacks both with the skill of a seasoned dog although she is only 2. That is the result of dedicated owners, the Davis’s. Honor is a huge part of her family and is gentle as a soul with her boy “Glen”. All of these characteristics make her a wonderful family member.

When bred to Vader or Jorah, we will produce a wonderful litter of highly intelligent, willing to work, loving and gentle pups that will protect and support you in more ways than one.

*** All Honor breedings will only be offered to homes that have or had German Shepherd experience. Pups from her litters will be best suited for sport or an active family environment.