•VonSila/Royalair’s “California Dreamin”

One Week Old Video

California Dreamin  Female German Shepherd

California Dreamin or “Cali

Cali Female German Shepherd

Cali and Puppy Cali and Puppy

AKC # : DN41336508

PennHIP # : 923239 Good
Rating: Left Hip- .38 (No Radiographic evidence of OA)
Rating: Right Hip – .36 (No Radiographic evidence of OA)

AKC pedigree
Degenerative Myelopathy

AKC Registration

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California’s Parents
Silver Nova Dam
Silver Nova Dam
Silver Blade Sire
Silver Blade Sire

Cali is from a super breeding from my colleague in Iowa. She is a silver and black shepherd. She is an extra large, straight back, blocky head, non-working line German shepherd female. Cali is as “sweet as they come”. She is the most Velcro pup in our breeding program. She will capture you with her smile and eyes as you pet her … and before you know it, a front paw appears on your lap and quickly followed with the other and then a back leg..then before you know it.. she is laying on your lap..still trying to get closer to you!

Cali has what is called a “reverse mask”, her face is light where most shepherds have dark…a rare occurrence. She loves everyone, kids, cats, other dogs and people… but can turn on her true GSD radar/protection when she is unsure of something. And when she does, I guarantee no one would want to enter my home. She is a wonderful addition to our breeding program, thank you Robin.. I look forward to large to extra large puppies from this girl with a temperament to “die for”. A “Cali” pup is certainly worth the wait!!