Gracie, now called “Ripley”

Ripley Greman Shepard


Ripley German Shepherd FemaleRipley Female German Shepherd
AKC# DN43379706

Gracie AKC Pedigree


Ripley’s hips were “outstanding”, to the point that PennHip consulted with the vet that developed the PennHip scoring as her hips were so tight. Both concurred that this was spectacular and this bitch puppy has incredibly tight hips! Veterinary Letter

OFA-Cardio_ Clear

Elbows – TBA

Degenerative Myelopathy

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VonSila’s Saving Grace (a.k.a. Gracie ) – Gracie, now called “Ripley” has grown up to be a HUGE girl, who is absolutely patient, sweet and loving on all counts, however her size reflects something else.which is “don’t be messing with me” yet, as she approaches…you will be greeted with kisses and a wagging tail. She is a beautiful black and tan, old fashion, straight back, large blocky head gsd with the most loving personality. Pups from Ripley should be spectacular and HUGE!